Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


The following is my final portfolio for the Master of Arts in English with an individualized track. An analytical reflective narrative explains the context of my education at BGSU, as well as providing specialized context for the projects included. These serve as the culmination of my research, writing, and growth as a writer during my time at BGSU. The projects include a research proposal, "Building Contextually-Reflective Thinking for Successful Postsecondary Writing" which advocates for a way to study and trace the effects of contextually-reflective thinking strategies being used in the classroom on students' postsecondary writing success, and a literary analysis essay, "Flips though Foucault: The Reversal of the Therapist-Patient Relationship in Michaelides' The Silent Patient," which uses Foucault's Psychiatric Power to analyze and explain the power dynamics in the aforementioned novel.


Individualized Track

First reader

Dr. Ethan Jordan

Second reader

Dr. Chad Iwertz Duffy

Publication Date

Summer 7-7-2022