Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


This portfolio represents the best of the author’s work (Shane Hesketh) from his time pursuing the Master of Arts in English (Individualized Track) at Bowling Green State University. Both research papers are within the field of horror studies, the author’s primary field of study, and feature the discussion of two major slasher franchises as another genre through the analysis of the other genre’s tropes. The first paper analyzes the Candyman series as crime noir, and the second analyzes the A Nightmare on Elm Street series as action films. These papers were written in an attempt to shed light on the complicated nature of genre, highlight potential reasons why these two franchises outlasted the “death” of the slasher genre, and show that slasher films are more complicated and meaningful than popular belief would suggest. The papers chosen for this portfolio best represent the author’s writing style, his career goals, and the academic insight gained from his time in the program.


Individualized Track

First reader

Dr. Piya Pal-Lapinski

Second reader

Dr. Chad Iwertz Duffy

Publication Date

Summer 7-4-2022