Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


This portfolio consists of four projects I selected from various courses I took while completing my Master of Arts in the field of English. The first piece featured in my portfolio is titled “I’m Not Being “Short” With You: Providing Effective Feedback Efficiently Using a Computer Program.” I completed this piece in English 6200: Teaching Writing with Dr. Lee Nickoson. In this essay, I explore the role that feedback plays in the English classroom from both a student and faculty perspective. The second piece in my portfolio is a project I wrote for Teaching Grammar in the Context of Writing with Dr. Sue Wood. This piece is titled, “Grammar? In a Narrative.” This selection presents a teaching unit that demonstrates how I would teach grammar in the context of a written assignment. My third portfolio piece was originally written in 2012 when I took English 6800: Postcolonial Literature and Film with Dr. Khani Begum. The essay is titled, “Departing at Dawn: Re-Birth of Identity,” and it focuses on the main character’s transformation. I completed my final piece in English 6070: Theory and Methods of Literary Criticism with Dr. Erin Labbie. In the paper, titled, “Talking Back: A Feminist Examination of How Kate Chopin Uses Edna Pontellier to “Talk Back” to a Male Dominated Literary Tradition,” I chose to explore Feminism in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Each of these pieces represents a different aspect of my learning, as well as the growth that I underwent as a student and an instructor.

First reader

Dr. Lee Nickoson

Second reader

Dr. William Albertini

Publication Date

Fall 12-2-2016