Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


This portfolio is the culmination of my work in the English Teaching specialty Master's program at Bowling Green State University. In addition to the works I produced for my classes and subsequently re-wrote for my portfolio, I've added an analytical reflection about my growth and evolution during my studies in the English MA program, and about overcoming my difficulties until I finally found the connection between English and historical interests that I sorely needed in order to heighten my enthusiasm and motivation. This reflection brings together the reasons I chose the works in my portfolio to represent my initial discomfort with "stepping out of my comfort zone" and how the last works helped me turn the corner toward being happy with my sometimes difficult transition.

My portfolio includes several works in pedagogy and research with analysis. The pedagogy works include a college unit and lesson plan including literature and writing instruction, and a college syllabus for a literature class.

The research and reflective works include a reflective/researched essay titled "Why Foucault?" that explores the connection between my historical training and background and the English teacher I've become, and an exploration of literary theory including historical and literary theorists I became familiar with in my literary theory studies. The last work is a research paper that explains scholarly views of teaching Standard American English while still valuing and allowing language diversity within the classroom.


English Teaching

First reader

Dr. Sue Carter Wood

Second reader

Dr. William Albertini

Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2018