Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


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The following portfolio includes final pieces from three courses in the Master of Arts in the field of English with a specialization in Professional Writing and Rhetoric program. The first two pieces deal with the analysis, evaluation, and creation of an effective instructional user guide. In the first piece, the current version of an instructional guide for an online pedagogical platform is evaluated for strengths and areas for improvement using a framework for analyzing on-screen text. After analyzing the original instructional guide, I develop version 2.0 of the instructional user guide as the second piece. The second piece is a user-friendly, comprehensive instructional user guide for an online pedagogical platform. The third piece analyzes two works of James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room and Another Country. The essay analyzes the powerful impact of white heteronormativity and examines the effects on James Baldwin’s characters in the two novels.


Professional Writing and Rhetoric

First reader

Dr. Lee Nickoson

Second reader

Dr. Rachel Walsh

Publication Date

Spring 4-9-2024