Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


The narrative of this Master's portfolio reflects on the academic journey of Andrea Weaver. The three projects showcased in this portfolio reflect her experience during the Master of Arts in English with a Specialization in English Teaching program. It includes a rhetorical Ohio Suffragist unit plan created for high school sophomores, a seminar paper critically analyzing the film Interview with the Vampire (1994), and a digital presentation of artifacts and research about literary theorist Wolfgang Iser and his work in Reader Response Theory presented on the platform Microsoft Sway. The framework of New Historicism is threaded throughout each project, linking them together by emphasizing historicizing literature, placing it within its socio-historical and political-cultural context, understanding it as not separate from but as a product of it, and producing new discourses and practices.


English Teaching

First reader

Dr. Lee Nickoson

Second reader


Publication Date

Summer 7-5-2023