Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


In this MA Portfolio, the author showcases four of his most substantial works that were created throughout the pursuit of his MA in Writing and Rhetoric. He was able to blend his previous specializations with the current ones; specifically English as a Second Language (ESL) and English education with writing and rhetoric. To briefly highlight the works: research and analysis was conducted on the usage of English in the technical communication field in China, Muslims in a post-9/11 atmosphere in mass media, ESL and Generation 1.5 writing students in secondary and post secondary classrooms, and a teacher’s manual was created for using the Read 180 and System 44 curricula in secondary educational classrooms.


Professional Writing and Rhetoric

First reader

Dr. Khani Begum

Second reader

Ms. Kimberly Spallinger

Publication Date

Summer 8-1-2018