Master of Arts in English Plan II Graduate Projects


The work included in this Master's Portfolio reflects the author's experience as a teacher and a student during the Covid-19 crisis and explores the need for instructional changes as a result of the pandemic. The first essay, "A Fresh Start: Sowing New Seeds of Assessment Strategies in K-12 Education After the Covid-19 Pandemic," explains how multimodal/new media assessment pedagogies can be adapted for a variety of educational settings (online, hybrid, and in-person) to assist student learning. The second piece, “Women and Rhetoric,” is a unit plan designed for an 11th grade classroom focused on rhetoric and analysis using speeches from the 19th/20th century Women's Movement as primary texts.


English Teaching

First reader

Dr. Chad Iwertz Duffy

Second reader

Dr. Sue Carter Wood

Publication Date

Summer 7-5-2022