Are Midwestern School Administrators Prepared to Provide Leadership in Special Education?

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School administrators set the tone for the implementation of special education within their schools. Researchers examined school administrators' perceptions of (a) how well their leadership preparation programs equipped them to administer special education programs and (b) special education topics about which they desired additional coursework. Survey responses from 174 school administrators working within the state of Ohio revealed some variability in perceived levels of preparation. Highlights include that the majority of respondents indicated that they were less than adequately prepared to assist special education teachers with instructional methodologies, facilitate inclusive schedules, oversee curriculum or alternate assessments, and/or manage budgets for students with disabilities. The vast majority of respondents (90.5%) indicated that they would have benefitted from at least some additional coursework regarding students with exceptionalities within their leadership preparation programs. Limitations and implications regarding educational leadership preparation programs are addressed.

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Mid-Western Educational Researcher