Current healthcare provision demands evidence of clinical effectiveness. Since 2007, The Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP2) questionnaire has been used in the Aquatic Physiotherapy (AP) Department at the Brighton and Sussex Universitiy Hospitals NHS trust since 2007. This service evaluation presents a snapshot of pre- and post- MYMOP2 scores for a 3-month period. All patients (n = 125) attending for AP between January and March 2012 completed a MYMOP2 before and after treatment. AP was given as per Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Guidance on Good practice in Hydrotherapy. The MYMOP2 Profile score was calculated from the mean of the prepost differences of 4 item scores. The majority of patients had musculoskeletal conditions; mean age 56.8 years (SD: 16.5) and mean number of treatments was 5.21 (SD: 1.6). MYMOP2 profile score decreased in 90.8% of patients, signifying improvement. In real terms, there was a median and significant improvement of 1.5 points (IQR:-1.5) on the 7 point MYMOP2 profile score (p=0.0001). The majority of patients 77.3% met or exceeded “the index of responsiveness, relating to the minimal clinically important difference” of 0.85 Paterson (1996). The results demonstrate clinical effectiveness of AP for patients, who present with a diversity of conditions and provides real-world evidence of outcome. The MYMOP2 tool has been shown to be a feasible and responsive measure for use in AP.