About This Journal

Mission and Specifications

The International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education (IJARE) publishes double-blind peer-reviewed empirical research and professional articles related to a broad spectrum of human noncompetitive aquatic topics. The journal also publishes informative articles about the learning, teaching, and performance of aquatic knowledge, skills, and water competence as well as media reviews and organizational position statements. IJARE does not publish articles about nonhuman aspects of water or aquaculture or typically not on topics primarily concerned with studying or improving performance in competitive aquatic sports such as swimming, diving, water polo, and/or sailing.

IJARE invites the submission of research manuscripts that study the following:

• Health and safety of persons' participation in all types of aquatic activities

• Aquatic technology, including facilities, equipment, supplies, and practices

• Participation in aquatic activities, including the factors influencing participation and water competence along with the consequences of participation for individuals and various groups of people

• Instruction of aquatic knowledge and skills

• Impact of aquatic activity, exercise, or therapy

In the Original Research section, articles and research notes are double-blind reviewed by expert reviewers and/or members of the editorial board and are accepted if appropriate to IJARE’s editorial mission and their adherence to appropriate scientific methods, scholarly criteria, and standards of inquiry.

In the Educational/Review section, IJARE publishes a wide variety of professional articles about practical aquatic topics and issues related to human noncompetitive aquatics using a similar double-blind peer review process. These articles may take the form of experiential reports, clinical and observational studies, reviews of literature, and longer editorial statements of opinion. These professional articles are reviewed for their potential contributions to a broader discussion and understanding of applied and practical aquatic knowledge and skills.

Beginning with the 10th volume, IJARE is published electronically as an open access journal with no subscription fees for readers or publication charges to authors. The publication management system from bepress' Digital Commons is called Scholarworks and is maintained by the Bowling Green State University Libraries.

• Frequency: approximately 4 issues per year

• Pages per issue: 50-150

• Open access

• Authors retain their own copyright

Volumes 1 to the latest current issue are maintained within Scholarworks, courtesy of permission from Human Kinetics Publishers.