Lifesavers often discuss and analyze rescue and drowning incidents. The C Zones Framework was designed to serve as an aid to such discussions. It is constituted by a number of zones (i.e. C1-concern, C2-crisis, C3-critical, C4-cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), C5-coma, and C6-conclusions) and is simple enough to be easily remembered and quickly drawn on a piece of paper yet sufficiently detailed to be a serious analytical tool. The use of multicolored or different style lines permits the comparison of numerous casualty variations and outcomes on the one framework. The standard framework has a 20 minute time limit describing the progress of an incident from its beginning to conclusion, but other versions of the framework are possible by adjusting the timing. Overall, this framework can serve as a teaching aid and useful feedback tool offering a visual overview of rescue options and their potential or likely consequences at various stages in the drowning process. This information can be valuable to lifesavers, lifeguards, professional rescuers, lawyers, expert witnesses, and judges.