The purpose of this study was to conduct an online survey to answer the key question, “What is the current status of aquatic physical activity (APA) in physical education programs in Florida’s public schools?” The results showed that though APA use within physical education was minimal, physical education professionals who responded in this study used and valued the use of APA in their physical education programs. Moreover, physical education professionals find the use of APA beneficial for all students in K-12 physical education. Though the current study did not address the reasons that teachers did not have APA as a part of their physical education curriculum, a core finding of lack of school aquatic facilities could serve as a major catalyst for lack of use. Comments from the physical education professionals and the review of literature provided some possible explanations about why APA was or were not used in K-12 physical education programs. The findings from this study could serve as a potential tool for promoting APA in K-12 nationally.