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World Art on Swimming




This article aims to identify swimming-related artwork from Paleolithic times up to the present day and to assess whether possible use of art could act as aid to teaching. An art search obtained 49 paintings and sculptures. Results confirmed that artists have bestowed a wealth of related artwork on the world of aquatics. Depictions of people swimming competitively or recreationally, diving, bathing, working and fighting were found in Egypt, Greece, Persia, Italy, Spain, the USA, Japan and China. Depending on the particular society, the ability to swim indicated either a high or low socio-economic status. In some depictions, knowledge of swimming was accompanied by the ability to dive from high cliffs or into deep water, to hold one’s breath underwater, and to show physical endurance. A variety of swimming strokes were depicted throughout history in art. Various types of swimwear, or nude swimming, were evident in different societies.