This article details the foundations and implementation principles of the Halliwick Method of swim instruction. This method is particularly notable for the success it generates in independent mobility by individuals with disabilities. The Halliwick Method can be very useful to facilitate aquatic participation for individuals who have had limited success in more traditional learn-to-swim programs. Discussion of the Halliwick Method includes hydrodynamic principles, skill progressions, and program implementation. Critical concepts are explained with examples. Application of Halliwick instruction to a variety of population groups is discussed. Implementation of Halliwick activities can broaden the population of individuals who, heretofore, might not have become aquatic participants. Individuals with special health problems such as obesity, individuals who are extremely fearful or who have limited prior water experiences, and individuals with disabilities can all benefit from participation in Halliwick activities. This article will provide information and resources for the aquatic professional seeking to implement Halliwick activities.