Drowning in residential swimming pools is a significant public health problem in Florida. This study aimed to determine the relationship between the number of pools and pool drowning deaths by county in Florida. County property appraisers’ offices were surveyed to obtain a statewide census of appraised residential pools. The number of pool drowning deaths was obtained from death certificate records. Approximately 1.1 million residential pools were appraised in 2006, and 262 unintentional, confirmed pool drowning deaths occurred from 2005 through 2007. Statistical modeling showed that for every 10,000 residential pools that a county has, 2.4 additional pool drowning deaths can be expected to occur over three years. This relationship was therefore determined to be linearly correlated. Greater public health impact may be achieved by focusing drowning prevention efforts, especially among young children, in counties with more residential pools, and thus a greater risk of pool drowning.