This study analyzes heart rate, blood pressure, and immersion bradycardia behavior at 19th, 29th and 39th gestational weeks and at three months postpartum, at sitting rest, and in the orthostatic position on land and in the orthostatic position in water in pregnant women trained in water aerobics. Significant differences were found in HR during the gestational period in the different positions. When results on land were compared to those in water, HR showed higher values on land in all gestational weeks and postpartum period, systolic BP was higher on land in 19th, 39th gestational weeks and postpartum period and diastolic BP was higher on land in 39th gestational week and postpartum period. These results suggest that throughout gestation in resting situation immersion bradycardia showed a progressive rise and BP didn’t change; however, HR and BP showed reduced values in water during gestation and postpartum period.