The purpose of the study was to identify factors related to serious injuries and deaths sustained at senior colleges' and universities' aquatic facilities with respect to the aquatic management oversight of the facility. Surveys were mailed to senior colleges and universities that are listed with aquatic departments, and there was a 32.7% return rate. The study sample group consisted of 446 aquatic management professionals. The sample group consisted of senior colleges and universities (N = 446, responses = 146) listed in the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) Recreational Sports Directory (RSD), 1997 issue. This sample group was determined by each school’s listing of aquatic departments or aquatic positions in the RSD. Participants were voluntary participants located in the United States. Since senior colleges and universities are often the places that professional training and education originate, they are also an excellent source for analysis. If factors can be identified from aquatic management professionals to help reduce serious injuries and deaths at aquatics facilities, education about these factors can be provided to all aquatic facilities to help administrators and patrons reduce serious injuries and deaths.