Volume 13, Number 3 (January 2022)

Greetings to readers of this third issue of the 13th Volume of the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

As with most previous issues, this one is packed full of fascinating articles dealing with water safety knowledge interventions, drowning prevention, lifeguarding selections practices, body composition of Masters swimmers, water entry, and even one with advice on how to keep your aquatic facility safer during the pandemic.

I predict you will want to read most, if not all, of the articles contained herein. They are all quite informative and well written.

As always, I wish you "Good reading!"

Steve Langendorfer

Research Articles


Predicting Young Adults’ Intentions and Involvement in Alcohol-Influenced Aquatic Activity
Hannah L M Calverley, Lauren A. Petrass Ph.D., and Jennifer D. Blitvich


Do Water Safety Lessons Improve Water Safety Knowledge?
Michael J. Tipton, Joseph Muller, Cristian Abelairas Gomez, and Jo Corbett


Body Composition Assessment in Masters Level Swimmers
Megan E. Larson, Amy Morgan, Jessica Kiss, and Mary-Jon Ludy

Education Articles


The Challenge of Water Entries
Andrea S. Andrews and Shayne D. Baker

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