Purpose: The purpose of the study was to compare effects of chest- and waist-deep water aquatic plyometrics on average force, power and vertical jump. Methods: Twenty-nine male and female participants were assigned to either a control group or 1 of 2 aquatic groups (waist deep and chest deep) and participated in a 6-wk, twice per wk plyometric training program. Average force and power were measured on a force plate using 3 jumps: squat, countermovement, and drop jump. Vertical-jump heights were also recorded. A repeated-measures ANOVA was used to determine significant differences between testing and groups on average force, power and vertical jump. Results: No significant differences were found with average force and power with the squat, countermovement, and vertical jumps. There were significant changes in drop jump average in the control group from the pretest to posttest. Conclusions: With the water depths chosen and held constant, there appears to be no increased benefit in performance variables.