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Perfectionism is a complex and multidimensional psychological phenomenon which is a proximal predictor for music performance anxiety, a risk factor associated with poorer musical performance. While existing literature emphasizes music performance anxiety as a deleterious outcome of perfectionism, less information exists regarding the relationship between perfectionism, self-compassion, and performance. There may be high levels of non- self-compassion in this population due to a folk belief that being self-critical is the best path to optimal performance. This study used a single-subject design to explore how self-compassion and perfectionism were related and if the use of daily self-compassion exercises would be linked to a musician’s performance and wellbeing. Results indicated that participants in a self-compassion intervention scored higher in on a self-compassion measure at the end of intervention period (p5=0.03). A qualitative content analysis of the participant journal entries collected after the intervention also indicated increased self-compassion. This research supports the idea that self-reflection can be helpful in supporting the mental health of music performance students.





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Dr. William O'Brien

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Dr. Kenneth Thompson

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Music Performance Studies

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Spring 4-16-2024