Honors Projects


The purpose of this research was to use the consumer decision-making model as a framework to assess if there are factors that may prompt (or not prompt) an individual to make a purchase at Forhan’s Café, a small coffee shop located inside of the Maurer Center at Bowling Green State University. To answer this, both a personal interview with a BGSU Dining staff member and an online survey of campus consumers were conducted. The personal interview was conducted to understand their current marketing strategies for the café and to guide the survey design. The online survey consisted of 24 questions about food and beverage options on campus and was distributed via two campus email platforms to capture consumers’ (undergraduate, graduate, university staff, and faculty) thoughts and perceptions of the café. After obtaining the survey results, statistical data analysis was conducted on several of the variables from the survey to look for any significant relationships between them. From this analysis, recommendations were then provided to the café to potentially implement, which were to tailor their target marketing efforts to the various consumer groups on campus, expand their offering of bakery items, extend their store hours, and improve their order ahead services to better serve their customers.





Second Major

Business Analytics and Intelligence

First Advisor

Dr. Jeff Meyer

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Kyle Moninger

Second Advisor Department

Applied Statistics and Operations Research

Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2024