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South Korea has one of the best education systems, as Korean students tend to excel in multiple academic areas in comparison to the national averages of other countries (WENR, 2018). However, due to the high academic and societal pressures placed on Korean students to succeed in school, South Korean teachers have become increasingly overwhelmed with handling parent and student demands. Due to the updated Korean Child Welfare Act (2014), Korean teachers now face claims of child abuse from parents either for reprimanding students who were initially combative in class, or for denying parents’ request for after school extracurricular services for their child only. As a result, there have been 144 reported cases of teachers dying by suicide in the past decade, and nearly 600 teachers have left the education field in the past year alone (The Korea Herald, 2023). This paper aims to discuss the leading causes towards why S. Korean teachers are facing such adversities and to discuss the potential ways that the Korean education system can change to better support Korean teacher, student, and parent relationships.


Honors Program



First Advisor

Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

First Advisor Department

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Second Advisor

Dr. Franziska Schultz

Second Advisor Department

Political Science

Third Advisor

Dr. Christopher Frey

Third Advisor Department

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Publication Date

Spring 4-12-2024