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As the Latinx population in the United States continues to rise, La Escuela SMART Academy — a bicultural school in Toledo, Ohio — serves as just one example of how educational systems are seeking to cater to their respective needs. Previous research provides us with information explaining why bilingual education is valuable and worthy of promotion — including cognitive, cultural, linguistic, and economic benefits — as well as best practices. Using this information, I create a set of conditions that, when met, have the best potential of yielding an effective bilingual institution. In order to determine where La Escuela SMART sits in terms of its fulfillment of these conditions, I use academic reflections based on classroom observations recorded in blog posts alongside publicly available information from sites such as Facebook to determine which conditions were met, partially met, or not met. I then use the results of this assessment to argue that, when implemented, certain governmental measures and incentives can be used to aid La Escuela SMART’s transition from a bicultural to a bilingual school. The findings made from this study will not only serve as a resource for La Escuela SMART, but other current and future bilingual institutions nationwide.


World Languages and Cultures


Political Science

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Dr. Jeff Carroll

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Dr. Valeria Grinberg Pla

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World Languages and Cultures

Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2023