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Instagram as a platform is increasing in popularity, especially among young women. Young women may use Instagram to keep up with their peers, follow trends, or as a way to express themselves. However, it is evident that young women can be negatively affected by the content they are exposed to on Instagram. This study examines the impact that increased Instagram usage can have on body-esteem in young women in college by evaluating their degree of Instagram usage, motivation to use social media for body comparison, and feelings of body-esteem. An online survey was conducted with BGSU college-age female students and the results found that women are more likely to have increased positive emotions on looks, decreased negative emotions on looks, and increased weight perception as they post more on Instagram. In comparison, the number of hours spent on Instagram weekly and the motivation to use social media for body comparison only had an impact on the negative emotions of these individuals.





Second Major


First Advisor

Dr. Mariana Mitova

First Advisor Department

Family and Consumer Sciences

Second Advisor

Dr. Fei Weisstein

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2023