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Academic performance of students is a major concern for colleges, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Research has shown that active involvement, the development of self-regulation skills, and improved mental health all have a considerable impact on college students’ academic success. Colleges like Bowling Green State University need to consider how they can use these factors and leverage resources to improve student performance. In this project, a solution is proposed in the form of a college/personal planner which is directly based off research on early academic success. While further, more specific research is needed to fully understand the issue and how it is affecting BGSU in particular, the implementation of the proposed planner is a viable start towards improving the college learning environment.




Business Analytics and Intelligence

First Advisor

Ryan Holley

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Dr. Earl McKinney

Second Advisor Department

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Publication Date

Fall 12-5-2021

BGSU College Planner November.pdf (1738 kB)
A personal and academic planner for college students created as a potential solution for academic performance concerns