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Utilizing the timeless art forms of quilting and embroidery, I expanded the fields of both community art and disability studies through a collaborative quilt project with Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities (WCBDD). During a facilitated workshop, six artists with intellectual/developmental disabilities decorated triangle quilt pieces with images and phrases about their favorite recreation, athletic, and self-advocacy opportunities offered at WCBDD. Following this workshop, I utilized embroidery art to embellish and enhance the drawings and colorings done by the participants as well as creating three triangles to showcase the WCBDD mission statement. The nine triangles were then hand-stitched together into a pyramid shape, representing the WCBDD logo. Finally, the quilt was hand assembled and presented to WCBDD. Through the displaying of this community quilt, the creative and applied research elements of this project will continue to promote diversity and inclusion throughout Bowling Green. Although the final quilt is ultimately a gift to WCBDD, the community at large will hopefully benefit from the showcasing of this quilt on BGSU’s campus as well as other staple Bowling Green locations. Viewers of this quilt will hopefully be positively impacted by the talented and dynamic artwork of my friends from the Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities for years to come.


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Brittany Joseph

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Special Education

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Michelle Weber

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Spring 4-21-2021