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The researcher conducted one-on-one informational interviews with current and former BGSU Honors College students. The researcher then utilized this qualitative research in planning and recommending programming to support at-risk Honors students. By at-risk Honors students, the researcher refers to members of historically underrepresented groups such as students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, and international students. Although the Honors College aims to provide its students with ample resources and opportunities, it must place a greater emphasis on making sure it is properly supporting its at-risk students. With this goal in mind, the researcher feels that this study provides Honors College administrative personnel with the vital insight that is needed in order to make meaningful change to Honors programming. The researcher believes that the interviewees have the perspective and knowledge necessary to make this change, and the researcher looks forward to integrating their voices into the conversation of increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Honors College at BGSU.

During these one-on-one interviews, the researcher learned from the interviewees what resources and supports they feel that the Honors College should provide its at-risk students in order to promote their inclusion and success within the program. From there, the researcher is recommending programming within the Honors College based on their suggestions and needs.


Human Development and Family Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Heath Diehl

First Advisor Department

Honors Program

Second Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Holman

Second Advisor Department

Human Development and Family Studies

Publication Date

Spring 2021

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