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: Is it possible to merge the genres of LGBTQ+ literature and fairytales? How would one go about doing it in a way that doesn’t perpetuate stereotypes? Is it possible to convey those positive LGBTQ+ messages in a way that is accessible to an eight to twelve age range? Which LGBTQ+ groups would benefit the most from this representation? Why are stories like this necessary in a society that is becoming progressively more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community (and other minority communities) on its own? Is there an added benefit to including characters of other marginalized communities within these stories (i.e. disabled characters, racially diverse characters, etc.)? These questions aim to be answered in a series of stories and letters set in a colorful fairytale world of three unique kingdoms and an enchanted forest, full of characters that strive to bring about a sense varied identities, attraction, and community in an LGBTQIAP+-friendly space for middle grade readers.




Creative Writing

First Advisor

Dr. Jackson Bliss

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Creative Writing

Second Advisor

Dr. Heath Diehl

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Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2021

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