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Wealth inequality in the United States has now hit levels not last seen since the 1920s. With this, has come a general disagreement over how to address this inequality, as well as a debate on whether it’s even an issue. Since no clear consensus has been reached, a theory that describes what is just and what is unjust wealth accumulation is needed. By summarizing the theories of traditional Libertarianism, left libertarianism and Luck Egalitarianism, and applying them to the fortunes of Oprah Winfrey, Richard Sackler and Jeff Bezos, this paper arrives at the conclusion that a version of traditional Libertarianism is what’s currently practiced in the United States. Additionally, if wealth inequality is to be confronted, then left libertarianism should be adopted as the new standard of distributive justice.





First Advisor

Dr. Kevin Vallier

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Second Advisor

Dr. Abhishek Bhati

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Political Science

Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2021