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This paper discusses the research, methodology, and purpose of my Honors Project. My project is a workbook for children to complete with their parents or guardians all about exploring nature. Language and literacy development is the overall focus of my workbook, but children who complete it also learn about shapes, colors, and comparing sizes in nature. The original inspiration for this workbook came from reading Molly Bang’s 2016 book, Picture This: How Pictures Work, and I originally wanted to make a children’s book in nature. After further research I found out that many educators and education professionals agree that children should spend time outside in nature as they learn and grow. They also agree that parental involvement is an essential component in a child’s learning. While there is much research to back these statements, there are little resources available to parents about how to incorporate nature into their child’s learning. With the creation of my workbook, I plan to change that by providing a useful guide to working with your child to encourage the exploration of the natural world.


Early Childhood


Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Dr. Heather Jordan

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Second Advisor

Dr. Lisa Handyside

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Special Education

Publication Date

Fall 11-20-2019