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With our world becoming increasingly globalized and cosmopolitan, practices that were once very traditional and spiritual are much different when they confront Western societies. Many yoga instructors and practitioners around the world are concerned about the issue of cultural appropriation within their practice. The researcher defines cultural appropriation to mean the process of a dominant culture manipulating aspects of a marginalized culture for its benefit. Traditionally, yoga comes from India, but it has become popularized throughout the world in our recent human history. Through interviews with nine yoga instructors, each from different yogic traditions, who teach in a variety of Western cultures, a conclusion is drawn about how Western yoga in certain cases is cultural appropriation of traditional yoga. The limited published research already available on this issue is incorporated in this qualitative conclusion. Advice for future yoga instructors from Western cultures is also provided.


Honors Program


International Studies

First Advisor

Amanda Rzicznek

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Second Advisor

Abhishek Bhati

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Political Science

Publication Date

Spring 5-11-2020