Honors Projects


Research shows that music can improve performance, learning, and emotional states of people. I wanted to test just how much music will affect a child’s academic performance and mood. For my project I had second grade students take a mood questionnaire after lessons for a week to assess their feelings after a lesson. At the beginning of the week they took a pre-test, then at the end of the week they took a post-test to measure their academic growth through the week. The next week the teacher played background music during independent practice. Again the students filled out mood questionnaires to assess their feelings after the lesson with music. They also filled out another pre-test and post-test to assess each child’s academic growth.


Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Judy Vandenbroek

First Advisor Department

School of Intervention Services

Second Advisor

Sherri Horner

Second Advisor Department

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2013