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Karen IzorFollow


Through this study on the use of exit slips in the classroom, it was found that exit slips were an effective way to help answer students’ questions, motivate students to take ownership of their learning, and provide the teacher with an accurate picture of where students are in their understanding of the material. The results of the data collected and the student interviews conducted at the end of the study showed that the use of exit slips in the classroom can be beneficial. Students said that they were able to use the feedback given to them on their exit slips to study and help them improve their performance in the classroom. The results of this study are consistent with what other research has found, and that is that exit slips can be an effective tool in the classroom.




Integrated Mathematics Education

First Advisor

Dr. David Meel

First Advisor Department

Mathematics and Statistics

Second Advisor

Dr. Gabriel Matney

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2019