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Bowling Green State University boasts a well established College of Musical Arts which holds concerts performed by esteemed faculty, prestigious guest artists, and students. The school hosts these events in Kobacker Hall and Bryan Recital Hall which can accommodate up to 800 and 250 audience members, respectively. However, performances in Kobacker hall only fill one- fourth of the 800 seats, on average. Why is this so? This project aims to investigate the factors that influence students’ decisions to attend concerts at the College of Musical Arts (CMA). By methodology of survey research and statistical analysis, this project will look into factors such as students’ personal music background (interest and education), effectiveness of CMA event marketing, personal incentive to attend concerts, and perceived level of the CMA’s engagement with the student community. The results of the survey will aide the College of Musical Arts in moving forward with marketing initiatives to attract the student community.


Mathematics and Statistics



First Advisor

Dr. Jim Albert

First Advisor Department

Mathematics and Statistics

Second Advisor

Lindsay Gross

Publication Date

Spring 5-15-2019