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Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) provides great beneficial opportunities for individuals within the prison population. Many research studies display the effectiveness of AAT programs in prison settings through their results. The results showed improved moods, decreased stress levels, and increased sense of self-worth. I studied this topic for about a year, and in depth for a semester. This honors project was designed to implement what I had learned from previous research studies into a local correctional facility: Northwest Community Corrections Center. I designed an intervention where residents from the correctional facility spent quality time with the dogs of the Wood County Dog Shelter. During this event day, titled "Dog Therapy Day," residents were able to experience therapeutic benefits from their interactions with the dogs. This allowed me to implement my previous literature review findings into my career area of interest.


Social Work

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Dr. Cynthia Spitler

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Dr. Peggy Adams

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Social Work

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Fall 10-2017

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