Honors Projects

A is for Asperger's


For my Honors Project I chose to do a children’s book for those with Asperger’s. I was lucky enough to have a family who was always informed and extremely supportive. However, I know many children will not have the experience I had. I wanted a book for children whose parents either didn’t support or didn’t know about Asperger’s. My book could serve as a first resource for children and then they could cherish it as they grew. I chose to have two different levels on certain pages in the book. The first level provides basic information and is written in a style meant for younger readers. The second level provides more information that children can read when they are older or have a peer read it to them. I believe it is important for children with Asperger’s to not be frightened of the disorder and to realize the positive aspects it can add to their lives. I want every child with Asperger’s to know that they are loved and that there are other who are like them. I want Asperger’s to be seen not as a disability, but as a gift.


Honors Program


Film Production

First Advisor

Rona Klein

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Bradford Clark

Second Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2015

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note to the readers

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note about the DSM 5

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A is for Asperger's

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B is for Brain

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C is for Communication

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D is for Different

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E is for Eye Contact

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F is for Facial Expressions

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G is for Goal

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H is for Honest

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I is for Imagination

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J is for Joking

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K is for Kindness

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L is for Literal

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M is for Movement

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N is for Noise

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O is for Outspoken

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P is for Perseveration

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Q is for Question

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R is for Routine

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S is for Support Person

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T is for Touch

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U is for Unique

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V is for Vocabulary

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W is for Worry

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X is for e-X-pect

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Y is for Young

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Z is for Zoom

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Author's Note

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