Honors Projects


Inspiration for my honors project came from an assignment that I completed in a previous marketing course. This assignment is the only experience that I have had with project-based learning, but it certainly made an impact on me. My honors project presented the perfect opportunity for learning more about project-based learning and the way it is used in educational settings. In addition to the benefits and challenges associated with project-based learning, I also researched the characteristics and learning styles of millennial students to understand whether project based-learning is compatible. In conclusion, I evaluated how project-based learning could be utilized in the curriculum for the BGSU College of Business. Through extensive research and my personal experience I recommended that the College of Business implement a project-based learning program and made suggestions and future recommendations pertaining to such a program.


Business Education



First Advisor

Donna Greenwald

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Margaret Brooks

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 2015