Honors Projects


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The purpose of this project was rooted in the belief that the reception of a piece of music can be altered or enhanced when the audience is given a compelling historical or cultural background of each composition. With sometimes hundreds of years between the audience members and the composers, to deliver an emotionally stirring and relevant performance to a modern audience is an incredible feat. In the spirit of making my senior violin recital more accessible and entertaining to my own audience, I devoted my Honors project to gathering information on the philosophies, personalities, successes and tragedies of each of the composers on my recital program. I presented my findings in a series of readings before each performance. My hope was that these presentations served to bridge the gap between these great musical thinkers and my audience members. Gathering information on their philosophies, personalities, successes and tragedies, it was my hope that these readings would help the audience feel more of the emotion that I feel when I play.

Publication Date

Winter 12-15-2014