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Lin-z Tello


Colleges and Universities across America are integrating “green” initiatives and environmentally focused programs into campus policy. Community gardens provide an example of one method that institutions are utilizing in an effort to showcase their commitment towards sustainability. This report focuses on establishing a framework that may be utilized in order to create a successful community gardening program at Bowling Green State University (located in Bowling Green, Ohio). Past community gardening programs at Bowling Green State University are analyzed in this study to determine how prior community gardening programs at the University disbanded. Current community gardening programs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Colby College, and Virginia Polytechnic and State University are discussed in order to highlight different methods of establishing and maintaining a community garden within a university/college setting. Finally, suggestions are made that would allow for a community garden to be established and maintained at Bowling Green State University.


Environmental Science

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Amanda McGuire Rzicznek

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General Studies Writing

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Heath Diehl

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Summer 8-5-2013