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Higher education researchers and practitioners have become increasingly interested in the experiences and outcomes of religious minority students. Most research to date has focused on these students’ religiosity and spirituality, and it has often lumped students from several diverse religions into a single minority group. This study explores the relationship between religious/worldview identification and student success (i.e., college satisfaction, perceived growth, academic achievement, and graduation). Differences between Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, and students who do not identify with any organized religion are examined using a large, multi-institutional dataset. Religious/worldview identification upon entering college is significantly related to various indicators of student success, and many of these differences persist even when accounting for students’ demographics and precollege achievement.

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"This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis Group in Religion & Education on May 24, 2014, available online at: http://www.tandfonline.com/10.1080/15507394.2013.862126."

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