Criminal Justice Faculty Publications


The mission of the Criminal Justice Program is to be the leader in educating future criminal justice practitioners by providing students with the skill needed to critically examine the world around them, the ability to understand and embrace the diversity of the society in which they serve and live, and the continuing desire to learn more about themselves, society, and the criminal justice field.

Please note that the content of this page does not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of all faculty publications produced by this department.


Submissions from 2010


Exit Strategy: An Exploration of Late-Stage Police Crime, Philip M. Stinson, John Liederbach, and Tina L. Freiburger


Pesach N. Rubenstein Cheats the Hangman: A Case Study of Punishment and the Death Penalty at Brooklyn’s Raymond Street Jail, Philip M. Stinson

Submissions from 2007


Dirty Cops: Patterns of Offending in Sex Crimes by Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Philip M. Stinson


Rethinking the Definition of Police Crime: The Relationship of Sex, Drugs, Violence and/or Greed to Virtually All Police Crime, Philip M. Stinson

Submissions from 2006


Criminality of Police Officers, Philip M. Stinson