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A supramolecular sensor array composed of two fluorescent cucurbit[n]uril-type receptors (probe 1 and probe 2) displaying complementary selectivities was tested for its ability to detect and quantify drug-related amines. The fluorimetric titration of the individual probes showed highly variable and cross-reactive analyte-dependent changes in fluorescence. An excellent ability to recognize a variety of analytes was demonstrated in qualitative as well as quantitative assays. Importantly, a successful quantitative analysis of several analytes of interest was achieved in mixtures and in human urine. The throughput and sensitivity surpass those of the current state-of-the-art methods that usually require analyte solid-phase extraction (SPE). These results open up the opportunity for new applications of cucurbit[n]uril-type receptors in sensing and pave the way for the development of simple high-throughput assays for various drugs in the near future.

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Journal Of The American Chemical Society


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