“Emerging Perspectives in Africana Studies” encompasses a wide range of topics spanning time and place, from current and historic political events, to artistic and cultural developments, and environmental change. We welcome papers on broad issues affecting Africana people in a global context, including but not limited to: language, religion, gender, culture; ethnicity; the arts/media; politics, leadership, economics, commerce; education; social justice; law; medicine & public health practices; war & terrorism; peace, conflict resolution, & security; youth, crime, & vigilante justice; changing values & norms; environment, development; rural-urban changes; immigration/migration; slavery; Post-Colonial issues; the civil war; political-economic empowerment & leadership; national reconciliation; property rights; census; etc.

Please contact Dr. Rebecca L. Skinner Green or Tracy Susko with any questions.

Call for Papers

Paper Deadline: February 1, 2019

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