20th Annual Africana Studies Student Research Conference and Luncheon

The 20th Annual Student Research Conference:
“Emerging Perspectives in Africana Studies”
Friday, February 23, 2018

Bowling Green State University

"Emerging Perspectives in Africana Studies," encompasses a wide range of topics spanning time and place, from current and historic political events, to artistic and cultural developments, and environmental change. We therefore welcome papers dealing with the broader issues affecting Africana people in the global context, including but not limited to: language, religion, gender and culture; ethnicity; role of the arts/media; politics, leadership, economics and commerce; social justice; law; medicine & public health practices; education; war and terrorism; peace, conflict resolution, and security; youth, crime, and vigilante justice; changing values & norms; environment, resources, and development; immigration/migration; slavery; Post-Colonial issues; rural-urban changes; the civil war; political-economic empowerment & leadership; national reconciliation; property rights; census; etc. We encourage undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to participate. Moreover, we request faculty to help us identify student papers that are worthy of submission/presentation and when possible, to assist their students in attending the conference.

Call for Papers

2018 Conference Flyer

2018 Conference Poster

Biography for Gaston Kaboré, 2018 Keynote Speaker

The Africana Studies Program is grateful for generous support from: Ethnic Cultural Arts Program, College of Arts & Sciences, School of Art, Art History, Digital Arts, English, Theater & Film, Global Village, Arts Village, History, World Languages and Culture in conjunction with the French House, School of Cultural & Critical Studies, International Studies, Asian Studies, Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, the Career Center, Student Affairs, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

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Art Panel I: Tradition, Culture, and the Performance of Identity
Roundtable: Scholarship about the African Diaspora
Art Panel II: Art and Politics
Panel: Postcolonial Dialogues of Race, Identity, and Disabilities
Keynote Luncheon and Address
Negotiating Change: Language, Pop Music, and Communication
The Politics and Ethics of Nationalism, Independence, and Policing
Gaston Kaboré's Film Screenings