Volume 10, Number 2 (June 2017)

Catching Up - Moving Forward

Welcome to the second issue of Volume 10 of the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

Please accept my sincere thanks to all you authors who have been waiting patiently (and sometimes less patiently) as this editor (mainly) plus editorial board members and reviewers have been scrambling to clear the extensive backlog of submitted manuscripts that carry over from when IJARE was still being published by Human Kinetics. I promise we will keep "catching up and moving forward" as IJARE continues to be "the" world's premier peer-reviewed scholarly journal dealing with a wide variety of non-competitive aquatic topics and issues. We really appreciate everyone's interest and continuing support as we go forward in our new format.

Great News!

I am certain that authors and readers alike will be as absolutely amazed as I am to discover that IJARE has had over 14,500 views and downloads of our 10 volumes in our first year of operation on bepress' Scholworks! As the BGSU librarians and bepress staff had predicted originally, moving to an open access electronic version of our journal has reaped incredible benefits to the circulation and dissemination of our published articles. For our authors, it brings increased readership, recognition of their work and ideas, and citations as well as ever easier access to our aquatic publications by our world-wide readers. I am finding this simply unbelievable and very rewarding for all involved. Thank you one and all.

For those authors interested in getting information about the downloads and citations of their own papers, I will be inquiring with the bepress support staff how readers may get that information. I admit to not knowing all the ins and outs of the bepress Scholarworks system and whether others beyond the editor and staff are able to generate reports. When I find out, I will let interested parties know in this editorial space.

In This Issue 10(2)

This second issue of Volume 10 of IJARE leads off very appropriately with Dr. Kevin Moran's (University of Auckland) latest research report, "Rock-based Fisher Safety Promotion: 10 Years On." This is the third in a series of articles published in IJARE on this applied research project (see also Moran, 2008; 2011). Can you envision having the foresight and perseverance to collect data from a very transient population such as rock fishers for over 10 years?! And imagine the personal and professional satisfaction and benefits of seeing a steady decline in drownings among New Zealand's west coast rock-based fishers as a result of promoting safer fishing practices, most importantly the wearing of lifejackets, that has resulted from the information gained over the past decade from this project! IJARE is proud of our publication of these reports that are documenting the changes (and some lack of changes) occurring in surf fishing off rocks along NZ's dangerous, rocky west coast of the North Island!! This article represents an exemplar study and deserves wide dissemination and readership. Good onya', Kevin (and the collaborators and organizations involved)!

Additional research and educational articles will be appearing shortly in this second issue.

Stay tuned and as always, happy reading!

Steve Langendorfer


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