In the United States, the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in individual states, rather than the whole nation, is a great example of states being “laboratories of democracy.” Legalizing marijuana in the states first is essential to deciding how to go about the issue on the national level, once Americans are ready for it. In most states where it is legal, employees can still be fired for having marijuana in their system, even if they have a medical recommendation. The drug tests that employers use don’t test for the recent use of drugs like marijuana, but for a part of the drug that can remain in the human body for weeks. Many laws have been passed in states as well as decisions made in courts about the rights of employers in predicaments like these. However, many of these decisions are not necessarily substantial. There are many reasons that marijuana should be legalized and the American public is generally on board with the idea. As we, as citizens, watch the issue of marijuana legalization play out in other states, we can then decide if it really is a good idea for our nation.