In today’s society consumers are constantly exposed to advertisements throughout their day to day lives, whether they realize it or not. The influence advertising has had over the last ten years has grown because of the materialistic society. It is important to realize the extent in which advertisings are thrown into the hustle of every day lives. One of the most problematic industries is fashion and beauty. The subject of most fashion and beauty ads are women and they are being objectified and dehumanizing causing a drastic decline in self-esteem and in increase in overall body shaming from the unrealistic expectations presented in advertising. This article was developed based off of thorough research arguing that women are the main victims of advertising and the negative effects advertising has specifically on women. The negative effects of fashion and beauty advertisements among women include, unrealistic expectations, objectification, and sexualization. There are multiple images attached that exhibit each problem and how women are portrayed. There should be alternative ways to grab the attention of consumers rather than sexual exposure of women. It is important to realize the extent in which these types of advertisings are around consumers and the negative effects they have on women specifically.