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Hamlet: The Grim Reaper


Right versus wrong when battling grief under God can evoke in one a very strong argument, the pain at times can be too much to bear but we must go on. The soliloquy “To Be or Not to Be” is arguably the most famous from Shakespeare’s prominent play Hamlet; the piece displaying themes of logos and pathos throughout. The young prince’s speech reflects upon the tragedy of his father’s passing and logically debates the value of his own existence in comparison; accompanied by the presence of his true love Ophelia, and unknowingly to the eavesdropping ears of the new king and Polonius. Such a performance throwing the crowd’s hearts and minds upon a tightwire. At this moment it becomes clear to all in the room that Hamlet is most certainly not lovesick. A strong silence falls over Hamlet’s audience as well as the audience of the play during this scene, demonstrating the strength of Hamlet’s persuasive and emotional performance.



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