Volume 1, Issue 1 (2017)

Letter from the Editors

On behalf of the amazingly talented and hardworking editorial team, we are proud to share this, the inaugural issue of WRIT: GSW Journal of First-Year Writing. The journal is intended to share--and celebrate--the good work students produce for their GSW 1100, GSW 1110, and GSW 1120 courses.

WRIT has as its goal sharing with the GSW community quality writing, rhetorical risk-taking, and innovative approaches to written arguments. Our initial call for submissions invited works in the form of traditional essays as well as works composed across a spectrum of digital modes: Individual and collaboratively authored compositions that include, but are not limited to websites, digital collages, online essays, infographics, and remix projects. In addition to the text itself, we ask contributing authors to share a brief biography statement introducing not only themselves but also the rhetorical context for their accepted submission.

We wish to thank every student who submitted a manuscript. Unfortunately, we were not able to include all submissions. Additionally, we did not receive submissions from GSW 1100 course sections this first cycle, and so we extend a specific call to those writing for 1100 to consider submitting and sharing the best of their work with the larger General Studies Writing community.

We would also like to extend thanks to two key members of the General Studies Writing team: to Kelly Jennings for managing all WRIT submissions and queries, and to Kristin LaFollette for providing her photo "Untitled (2016)" as the cover art for this issue.

Finally, we wish to thank the members the GSW faculty for their ongoing, active support for the journal open before you now. Without faculty support of students’ writing, there would be no WRIT. And without faculty support of GSW co-curricular opportunities, we would not have occasion to highlight some of the most exciting writing being produced by undergraduates across disciplines.

We hope you enjoy the works included in this first issue as much as we did, and it is never to early to submit for our Spring 2018 issue.

Thank you for reading,

Kelly Moreland and Lee Nickoson, eds.

WRIT Editorial Team: Sara Austin, Jonathan Brownlee, Olivia Buzzacco, Maggie Collins, Danielle Donelson, Lauren Garskie, Kiera Gaswint, Morgan McDougall, Lindley McGuire, Marshall Saenz, Samantha Weiss



Normal is Boring
Britney Grisez